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St. Peters Church

There are only a few Norse gravestones in northern Scotland, one of which is from Caithness, from St Peter's Church in Thurso (ND120686). In 1896 two graves were located near the ruins of St Peter's Church. The graves were of a child and an adult, with the cross-slab lying on top of the adult. The inscription suggests that the stone was intended as a grave cover rather than an upright marker; it has been interpreted as a '.made this overlay after Ingolf his/her Father'. A second runic-inscribed stone, built into the outer west face of the tower of St Peter's Church, has recently been discovered. The stone may have been inscribed for a grieving Viking for his late wife who bore the name GUNNHILDR. The recovery of the Norse graves and runic inscriptions may indicate the site of a possible earlier church below or near the present standing church

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