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Nybster broch (ND370631) was excavated around the end of the 19th century. The site was built on a rocky cliff and is surrounded by buildings and outworks including a rampart. Like many other brochs in the county, the site is now overgrown and many of the structures in a state of disrepair. The broch has an internal diameter of around 8 metres and a wall thickness of around 4m. There are a few partition slabs and a stone tank set in the floor. The rest of the cliff headland is covered by building remains which may, or may not, be contemporary with the broch. It is possible that the site may be a broch village. A forework and ditch surround the broch on the landside, cutting off the promontory on which the broch stands. A modern monument in commemoration to the excavator, Sir Francis Tress Barry, has been constructed nearby.

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