Beinn Freiceadain

Key Sites

The broch at Dunbeath (ND 155304) was excavated in the 1860's and consolidated in the 1990s. The site is now enclosed within a tree-filled, walled enclosure. The internal diameter of the broch is around 8 metres and the enclosing wall around 4.3m thick. The entrance is from the southeast and has door checks. The guard chamber is now broken down. A second intra-mural chamber entered from the interior of the broch is located almost opposite the entrance passage. There is no longer any evidence of an entrance to a stairway within the walls, if such ever existed.

During excavation deer horn, antler, animal bones; fish bones, shells, stone and iron tools were recovered. The original excavator removed most of the stone from the site, so it is possible that there may have been other stone features or structures that no longer survive.

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