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The unusual horseshoe setting at Achavanich (ND 188417) is open on the southeast side and may never have been a complete oval. The stones are set radially and stand to an average height of 1.5 metres. Today, 36 stones remain although the original number would have been far larger, perhaps as many as 60. The 'missing' stones may have weathered away or been removed.

The stone circle is within a landscape of other, perhaps broadly contemporary, features. A cist stands against one of the northern stones and other small edge-set slabs protruding above the surface suggest the presence of other stone settings or cist structures as yet uncovered. Both to the east and west and some distance away are other small standing stones. To the southeast of the setting, on slightly raised ground, are the remains of a chambered tomb; the remains of the central burial chamber can still be seen.

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