The Caithness Archaeological Trust (CAT) was set up in 2002 to promote and co-ordinate the development of all aspects of archaeology in Caithness. CAT aims to re-engage the people of Caithness with their heritage and cultural roots in a positive way, not only as spectators but as active participants in the development and conservation of an increasingly threatened cultural resource. CAT will also promote the archaeology of the area to bodies out with Caithness. Overall, CAT wishes to develop the Caithness archaeological heritage as a cultural and economic resource for the benefit of the local community. CAT will engage with all communities, interested groups, trusts, educational establishments, businesses, individuals and other bodies with similar or parallel interests.

Over the next few years CAT has undertaken a number of initiatives in which the involvement of local people and communities is an essential component. These have included fieldwalking and excavation; an education service on local archaeology to local primary and secondary schools; organisation of lectures, conferences and summer schools. Involving communities in the recording, preservation and conservation of sites in their area is a crucial part.

In 2013 CAT changed its status to a Company Limited by Guarantee Company Number 456634.


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